Carbonation System Recalled Due to Explosion Hazard

Carbonation System Recalled Due to Explosion Hazard


The Twist’n Sparkle Beverage Carbonation System was recalled on July 5, 2012, due to a risk of explosion. This is one of the many products that are designed to allow people to create their own carbonated beverages in their homes. There have been 9 instances where the bottles that come with these sets have exploded. In three of the reported cases, customers ended up suffering cuts to the upper parts of their bodies, according to the recall notice.

There are approximately 163,000 units affected by this recall. They include model numbers 1005 and 1006, the bottles included with those model numbers being the problem. The model numbers will be visible on the bottom of the box. The bottles themselves come in two cap and bottom colors: white and gray.

If You Have the Device

You can contact the manufacturer, iSi, at 1-800-645-3595 if you have one of these devices. Alternately, you can contact the store at which you purchased it or, if you purchased the device online, you can contact the retailer from whom you bought it. You should stop using this device immediately if you have it due to the risk of injury.

The hazard from these devices is specifically found in the bottles. They can explode when they are pressurized. The device uses CO2 gas chargers to provide the carbonation but you cannot mail these back to the manufacturer or retailer through the Post Office, due to the risk of explosion they present.

Injuries and Defective Products

Unsafe household products can cause serious injuries, in some cases. In many instances, manufacturers discover the issue before anyone is actually hurt and recall the products. There are instances, however, where these device remain on the market long enough to cause injuries before anyone realizes that there is a problem.

If you were injured by any dangerous product designed to be used in the home, be sure to contact a product liability attorney about the matter. Even cuts can end up costing a lot of money in ER bills and there really is no reason that you should have to pick up the cost of that on your own if you were injured by a product that you had every reason to believe was safe. Whether it’s a flaw in design, manufacturing or marketing, the manufacturer is responsible for the devices that they put on the market and can be held so in court, if need be.