Children’s Socks Recalled – Slip and Fall Hazard

Children’s Socks Recalled – Slip and Fall Hazard


Old Navy Toddler Girl Aqua Socks have been recalled as of July, 2012. It is estimated in a press release related to the recall that this will affect approximately 34,000 units in the United States and 3800 in Canada.

These are slip on shoes that come in pink and purple and that were sold in sizes five through 11 for toddlers. There will be a tag inside the foot opening that provides the style number. The affected style number is 896452, according to the release. These retailed at Old Navy stores across the United States and in Canada and on the company’s website from February 2012 through June of 2012. They were priced at anywhere between $12 and $15.

Slip and Fall

Old Navy Toddler Girl Aqua Socks have been implicated in two falls suffered by customers. Neither of these instances was significant enough that medical attention was required. The problem with the socks has to do with traction. On smooth surfaces that are also wet, they lose traction and could potentially cause a child to take a tumble. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers should stop using these socks immediately and return them to the store where they were purchased. You’ll be given a full refund.

Parents who need more information can contact the manufacturer at 1-866-580-9930. Representatives can tell you where you can take the socks for a refund or what other actions you can take.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Injuries where people slip and fall can be much more devastating than many would assume. In fact, they are the leading causes of accidental death among the elderly. Toddlers are also particularly vulnerable to the injuries that can be caused in these incidents, including head injuries, broken bones and so forth.

If you purchased these unsafe children’s products for your child and they had a slip and fall injury while they were using them, make certain that you contact an attorney. There haven’t been any reports of injuries yet, but that doesn’t mean that nobody was injured at all. You cannot sell any product that was recalled, so make sure that you do bring the socks down to the retailer where you purchased them or that you contact the company over the Internet to return them by mail. In addition to the refund, the company will also give you $10 off your next purchase at their stores.