Yet ANOTHER Recall Announced for Ford Escape SUVs

Yet ANOTHER Recall Announced for Ford Escape SUVs

Ford Escape Recall

This is the 7th recall announced for Ford Escape vehicle since its 2012 release.

This time the Ford Escape is being recalled in order to fix oil and fuel leaks which could cause an engine fire. In fact, oil leaks have already caused 13 reported fires (thankfully no injuries). The recall will affect > 161,000 2013 Ford Escapes with the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines. Ford says that the Escape’s cylinder heads can overheat, crack, and cause oil leaks.

Additionally, fuel lines on ~12,000 Escape vehicles may have been installed incorrectly in a previous fuel line recall, which could lead to a gas leak. Ford says that it began to get reports on engine fires in August. This recall starts in January of 2013.

Experts say that the high number of recalls (seven since July 2012) is out of the ordinary for a new model, and appears to be a sign of quality issues.