Kia Rio May Have Defective Passenger Airbag

Kia Rio May Have Defective Passenger Airbag


If you have a 2006-2008 model Kia Rio, you should have had a defective airbag sensor fixed already and, if you have not, you should speak with a mechanic to make sure that a recent recall doesn’t apply to your vehicle.

The malfunction involves the passenger airbag sensor. The device could fail and that could negate an important safety feature on these vehicles. The sensor is supposed to sense when a small child is in the passenger seat and to disable the airbag in such instances. If the airbag is left enabled when there is a small child in the seat, it could deploy and injure the child.

This recall, fortunately, is ahead of any complaints of injuries. You can get this problem fixed at approved mechanics if it applies to your vehicle, though you should have been notified that it did already.

Kia also recalled the 2006-2008 Optima lines and the 2007-2008 Rondos to fix defective air bags, as well. The defect on these vehicles was different, involving the clock spring contact assembly. It has the potential to become damaged and, due to the effects of that damage, it could prevent the airbag from deploying in circumstances where it is needed.

There were no injuries related to this recall, either.

Defective Parts

Kia, in both instances, managed to recall all of the models of the vehicles they produced with the defective parts installed in them. This is the best way that any situation like this can pan out. There are plenty where it goes very differently, however, and where people end up being seriously injured because of defective auto parts. Defective tires, brakes, child restraint systems and more can end up causing serious injury or death.

If you were in an accident where any of the safety devices malfunctioned, air bags or otherwise, you should talk to an attorney. They may advice that you sue for damages or they may be aware that there are already many lawsuits pending for the same problem. When vehicles have problems such as those described, they tend to affect many people and to involve sometimes hundreds of thousands of cars.

Finding an attorney to handle these claims may end up with you receiving money from a jury award or a settlement that could completely reimburse you for whatever damages you suffered. Whenever a vehicle is recalled for some reason, make sure you get the necessary repair work done.