Defective Car Brakes Pose Serious Threats

Defective Car Brakes Pose Serious Threats


Defective car brakes can pose serious risks that go quite a bit beyond the obvious. The obvious, of course, would mean problems that involve not being able to stop the car in time to avoid a hazard or simply in the course of driving normally. In some cases, however, defective brakes end up causing other problems. Anything from wheels falling off of your car to fires to other issues can be the result of defective brakes. Usually, you will be informed by the manufacturer if you happen to have purchased a style or model of brake that proves to be defective.

Notifying Customers

Because there is so much potential liability involved with defective parts, auto part manufacturers tend to issue recall notices rather quickly. This isn’t always the case, however. There have been instances where automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers have let problems go without taking appropriate action to safeguard their customers.

If you’re notified that you have a defective part on your vehicle, you’ll generally be given instructions as to where to take the vehicle to get it repaired for free. In other instances, you may be offered reimbursement for the cost of the part, as well. It depends on the manufacturer and the nature of the recall.

Remember that, if you happen to be selling your vehicle, it’s illegal to sell any defective recalled product. If you have defective parts on your vehicle and you know it, you have to remedy the situation before you sell your vehicle. If you do not, you could find yourself in very hot water legally if somebody is injured because of the defective part.

Defective Auto Part Attorneys

Hiring attorneys to file lawsuits in cases where people are injured because of defective auto parts is relatively common. Even if nobody was physically injured in an accident that resulted from defective auto parts, there’s a very good chance that the people involved will be out for a lot of money because of having lost their vehicles. In most defective car part cases big manufactures will put a team of attorneys to defend against your case. In hiring an attorney for a defective auto part make sure they have the resources to tackle your case. Don’t believe everything a law firm tells you, check them out yourself. Read testimonies and do your homework first.

If you found out that your car brakes were defective and were not issued a recall notice or if the defect was not found before you were injured, make certain that you do contact an attorney about the matter. Auto part manufacturers are responsible for the products that they put out on the market and they are responsible when those products end up injuring people due to their defects.

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