Automobile Recalls for October 2016

Automobile Recalls for October 2016

Cars Recalled in October 2016

While there were MANY product recalls in the month of October 2016, today we’re going to focus on the larger automotive recalls.

A car defect such as a faulty airbag or malfunctioning brakes can put the lives of innocent drivers in danger. Car manufacturers across the country and around the world must take these product recalls seriously because millions of lives (and the future of their business) could be put in jeopardy.

Toyota Airbag Recall

Last month saw the biggest recall in history grow even larger. In October, Toyota added another 5.8 million cars to their Takata airbag recall, bringing the total number of affected Toyota vehicles to 23.1 million.

The issue in question has to do with the inflator and propeller devices which have been shown to deploy improperly at the time of a collision due to a defect. This then leads to car occupants being sprayed with metal and plastic shrapnel, potentially compounding their injuries or even killing them.

It’s estimated that up to 34 million cars in the U.S. are affected, and this number continues to grow with each passing month. The car manufacturer is asking drivers to disable airbag function and put up “Do Not Sit Here” signs on the car’s dashboard.

BMW Fuel Pump Recall

BMW just issued a recall for more than 154,000 cars (136,188 in the US) due to engine stalling. The main issue has to do with the fuel pumps of certain vehicle models manufactured between 2007 and 2012. Affected vehicle model numbers include the 5-Series, X5, 6-Series, and X6.

It’s been reported that wires leading up to the fuel pump may have been crimped improperly during car assembly. This may cause wire unraveling, leading to the melting of a connector which then can cause a gas leak.

Toyota Prius Parking Brake Recall

Toyota issued yet another recall in October, stating that the parking brake mechanism of its Prius model may fail and become inoperative. This recall affects 92,000 US-model sedans manufactured this year, as well as those slated for 2017.

This could potentially lead to serious accidents for those exiting the car, should they not be able to successfully engage their parking brake.

Volkswagen / Audi Fuel Leak Recall

In other news, Volkswagen is recalling certain models due to fuel leaks that could potentially start a fire. The recall involves 281,500 vehicles, including models such as the Golf, Golf SportWagen, GTIs manufactured between 2015 and 2016, as well as certain 2015-2016 Audi models.

It’s alleged that the rubber seals in gas tanks that are equipped with pumps were put together with too much tension. This leads to the accumulation of gas in the component, which can effectively stop fuel pumps from working, leading to car fires (and possibly house fires).

The car manufacturer has promised to replace these pumps at a later date dependent on the availability of fuel pumps.

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