Air Bag Recalls Highlight Dangers

Air Bag Recalls Highlight Dangers


Honda and other manufacturers have had to recall certain models of vehicles due to defective side curtain airbags over the last couple of years. Defects in airbags can cause serious injuries. They can cause injuries by failing to prevent physical damage during a collision or they can cause injuries by going off unexpectedly. Certain individuals are at a higher risk of being injured by these types of devices.


People who work on automobiles are at a particularly high risk of being injured by a defective airbag. If the airbag inflation mechanism is defective, it may go off unexpectedly. When this happens, severe physical injuries can result. If the airbag happens to go off and strike somebody in the head, it can cause death. When an airbag inflates, a great deal of energy is released. If somebody’s head or chest happens to be in the path of this energy, the damage can be devastating. While they may protect lives in vehicle accidents, airbags can take lives in other situations.


Locksmiths frequently have to use tools that go inside the doors on vehicles for emergency openings. There are cases where using these tools may set off an airbag. Most of the time, locksmiths will have the customer sign a waiver that ensures that the locksmith will not be held liable for repairing any damage caused by an airbag that goes off. Unfortunately, this does not protect the locksmith from being injured by the airbag itself. Having a metal tool inside a car door when an airbag goes off can be dangerous, or even deadly.

Compensation for Injuries

Whether you are injured because an airbag failed to go off or because an airbag went off when it shouldn’t have, the company that manufactured the airbag may be liable for damages. The only way to find out whether or not they are is to speak with an attorney about the matter.

Defective air bags have caused many injuries. These injuries sometimes involve fractures, severe bruising, problems with sight and other outcomes. If an airbag failed on you, contacting an attorney right away is advisable. While manufacturers are responsible for the damage that their products cause to consumers, there are also limitations on how long you have to file lawsuits over these matters. If you let the time limitation expire, you lose your chance to seek compensation for the injuries and expenses the incident caused you.

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