Workbench Components Recalled

Workbench Components Recalled


Global Industrial has recalled its Global Workbench Power Risers, Power Aprons and Power Shelves effective March 9, 2011. The reason for the recall was a problem with the wiring that created a risk of electrical shock. At the same time that industrial products are sometimes being recalled due to hazards, people are increasingly using them in their homes. This creates a situation where people may be in more danger than they think.

Big Boxes

Big-box retailers are trending toward stocking more industrial grade cleaners and other supplies in their stores. While these cleaners are sometimes more economical than the versions intended for home use, they are also sometimes much more dangerous. The same applies to some of the tools. Industrial grade products are generally stronger, more powerful and more dangerous than the versions intended for home use. Before you think that “industrial strength” is a good thing whenever you see it on a product, consider what it actually means.

Powerful Tools

While most industrial grade tools are much heavier and more durable than are the household versions, they are also oftentimes much more powerful. Using industrial grade tools in your home may not be the best idea. For example, your average power driver has an appropriate amount of power for any user. Put a power driver bit in an industrial grade drill, however, and you may have much more power on your hands than you can handle and you may end up injuring yourself as a result.

Strong Cleaners

Industrial-strength cleaners are generally meant to be diluted. In fact, some industrial-strength cleaners are concentrated so that storage space at warehouses and other facilities can be reduced. Custodians know how to dilute the cleaners so that they are safe to handle. In some cases, not diluting these chemicals may create a very dangerous situation. Realize that some industrial grade cleaners are also intended to be used in very large and very well ventilated areas, as well. Use them in your living room or in your kitchen and you may have a big problem on your hands.


Defective industrial products are subject to the same liability laws as are household products. Even if you are using an industrial grade product in a domestic setting, contact an attorney if you are injured by the product due to a defect. They may be able to help you file a lawsuit so that you can seek compensation from the manufacturer for your financial and physical damages.