Two Recalled Food Products Pose Risk of Illness

Two Recalled Food Products Pose Risk of Illness


Two recalled food products pose a threat of illness due to contamination. Sedona Labs recently recalled its iFlora Kids Multi-Probiotic Dietary Supplement because of possible salmonella contamination. Pacific International Marketing also recalled 19 cases of bulk romaine lettuce due to possible salmonella contamination. The recalls were issued on July 10 and 6, 2012, respectively.

The Contaminant

Salmonella is an organism that sometimes contaminates food. It can cause serous symptoms, sometimes deadly ones, in people with weak immune systems, in children and in the elderly. The symptoms of being infected with this organism include abdominal pains, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. There is a chance that being struck ill with this organism can lead to other illnesses, which can also be deadly. Arterial infections are possible.

If You Purchased It

The recall for the romaine lettuce included bulk distributions with the RPC code 12EASROM182. The iFlora Kids Probiotic recall affects lot numbers 1074711, 1479611, 1640811, 1734411, 1595811 and 2089411.

In both cases, contaminated items may be brought to the attention of the company for reimbursement. The companies are both recalling these items voluntarily and there have been no illnesses reported due to their use as of yet.

Contaminated Foods

Contaminated foods are common problems in the marketplace and, in the best case scenarios, companies do what the two above-named companies do and recall their items right away. There are cases, however, where contaminated food makes it all the way through the supply chain and where people end up being injured or killed by it. In some instances, vegetables and other items have ended up causing serious outbreaks of illnesses associated with contaminants such as listeria.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of contaminated food, remember to contact an attorney. This applies whether you purchased the food yourself or got it at a restaurant. There are cases where it takes some time for the contaminant to do its damage, so remember that food poisoning of some types can take longer than you may think to manifest. Most of the time, however, symptoms manifest rather quickly, are severe and are likely to make it impossible to function.

Be sure to visit a physician if you show any signs of food poisoning. Though relatively common, this condition can be deadly and there’s no way to know how severe it is until a physician analyzes what you have contaminating your body.