Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron Recalled Due to Safety Risk

Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron Recalled Due to Safety Risk

Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron
Home and Away Travel Steam Iron Recalled

Recalled Steamfast Iron Models SF-720 and SF-727 (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall alert for the Steamfast brand Home and Away Travel Steam Iron. This popular product, designed to help travelers keep their clothes wrinkle-free, has been found to pose a potential safety risk due to its ability to generate excessive heat.

According to the CPSC, the Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron has the potential to cause burns or other injuries if used improperly. As a result, the organization is urging consumers who own this product to immediately stop using it and to contact the manufacturer for a refund or replacement.

The Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron is a compact and convenient iron designed to make it easier for travelers to keep their clothes looking their best while on the go. It features a dual-voltage system that makes it compatible with both 120V and 240V electrical systems, making it a popular choice for international travel.

However, the product’s compact size and dual-voltage system have also been identified as contributing factors to its potential safety risk. The CPSC has warned that the Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron’s small size may make it more difficult for users to avoid touching the hot surface accidentally, while the dual-voltage system can lead to the iron overheating if used with an incompatible electrical system.

If you own a Steamfast Home and Away Travel Steam Iron, it’s important to stop using it immediately and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for obtaining a refund or replacement. In the meantime, the CPSC recommends that you exercise caution when using any type of steam iron and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid injury or other hazards.

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