Hair Care Products & Chemical Burns

Hair Care Products & Chemical Burns

Hair Relaxer Chemical Burns

When it comes to using certain types of hair care products (e.g., hair dye, chemical relaxers, etc.), you need to be aware that in some cases these powerful chemicals can not only damage your hair, but cause permanent damage to your scalp as well.

If hair coloring or chemical relaxers are applied incorrectly, serious damage can occur to the hair, scalp, hands and face. For this reason, we strongly recommend that these procedures be performed by an experienced technician who is able to monitor the process and quickly identify signs of trouble. That being said, some hair care products have been known to cause chemical burns even when used briefly or when properly administered by a professional.

If you’ve suffered chemical burns, scarring, or other serious injuries as a result of using hair dyes, chemical relaxers, or other similar hair care products, you may be able to recover compensation from the manufacturer through a product liability claim. If you’re interested in pursuing such a claim, contact a product liability lawyer in your area and request a free consultation. Most of these type of law firms work on contingency, meaning that you don’t pay a dime unless they win your case.

Known Dangers Associated with Hair Dye and Chemical Relaxers

The chemicals found in relaxing treatments (e.g., lyesodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide) are extremely strong and must be applied almost directly to the scalp in order to achieve the desired effect. If one doesn’t apply the solution correctly, it can cause chemical burns to the scalp which can then cause infections, scarring, and the permanent loss of hair.

Sometimes people experience an allergic reaction or extreme sensitivity to these products, but sometimes the products are simply manufactured incorrectly or mislabeled by the supplier. In order to have a successful product liability claim, you must be able to prove that the manufacturer failed in its duty to provide a safe product. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended that those who suffer chemical burns do not discard the remaining product so that the manufacturer (and your attorney) can have it tested.

Notable Lawsuits

WEN® Hair Care has recently come under fire as more than 200 women in 40 states have filed product liability lawsuits claiming that WEN products caused severe (and possibly permanent) damage to hair, including significant hair loss and bald spots. In fact, the FDA reports that WEN has recieved the largest number of safety reports ever associated with any cosmetic hair cleansing product, and has launched their own investigation.

Nearly 200 men are currently involved in a lawsuit against manufacturers of Just for Men® hair care products. The lawsuit states that the defendants have sold hair dyes and other hair care products since 1987 in spite of knowing that its product could cause dangerous side effects, even when consumers followed the directions. According to the complaint, the company was aware of the problems and continued to promote and sell the products.

The lawsuit also stated that the company failed to warn that African-American customers are at higher risk for an acute reaction than Caucasians. Some of the plaintiffs suffered a number of side effects such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Depigmentation of the skin (skin bleaching)
  • Anaphylactic shock

The plaintiffs also allege that the company failed to warn consumers of the potential risks and side effects that could result from using the products, saying that withholding this information from consumers indicated they were acting both fraudulently and unlawfully, as the law requires manufacturers to notify consumers of any safety defects that come to their attention.