Faulty Birth Control Packaging Leads to 200+ Pregnancies

Faulty Birth Control Packaging Leads to 200+ Pregnancies


Three months after testing positive for pregnancy, a woman received a notice informing her of the birth control pill’s recall.  The birth control pills had been placed in the wrong order in the blister packs, causing the user to take placebo pills instead of pills containing the hormones that prevent pregnancy.  The woman filed a lawsuit claiming compensation for child rearing costs, medical expenses and emotional trauma.

Millions of blister packs were recalled, and it still is not known how many women were affected by the manufacturer’s negligence.  Other manufacturers have issued similar recalls of birth control pills, also due to faulty packaging.  Reportedly, more than 200 other women became pregnant because of the same packaging defect.  Some of these women had to drop out of school, and one had to put her baby up for adoption due to military duties.

Lawsuits by other women who became pregnant while taking Qualitest pills have been filed across the country.  Shortly after Qualitest’s recall was announced, a proposed class-action suit was filed in Georgia on behalf of women who took the pills.

People who are adversely affected by a wrongly packaged product may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and claim compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.