Steroid Meningitis Lawyers

Steroid Meningitis Lawyers

Texas Steroids Meningitis Lawyer Seeking Victims of Tainted Steroid Injections

WFAA is reporting that 75 clinics in 23 states, including Texas, were shipped tainted steroids used to treat back pain. The drug, methylprednisolone acetate, have been linked to a national, fatal outbreak of fungal meningitis.

The drug has already been linked to 91 cases of meningitis and 7 deaths nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Fortunately for Texans, no reports of death or sickness have been reported as a result of the shipment,yet.

“Texans have been lucky, so far,” says Texas steroids meningitis lawyer Jeff Rasansky. “Although there haven’t been any deaths or reports of sickness, the risk is still very much there. Any mass contamination like this is a very dangerous situation and should be monitored closely.”

The CDC has confirmed that the Massachusetts manufacturer of the painkiller, New England Compounding Center, has since recalled all products currently in circulation. Unfortunately, several clinics in North Texas received and used the shipments before the recall was issued, according to WFAA.

WFAA is reporting that Texas Health Harris Methodist in Southlake, Texas received and used two shipments of the drug. According to the hospital’s records, 114 patients were administered the tainted drug. Patients have been notified of the risks of contamination and have been offered checkups as a result.

Another Dallas clinic also received the shipment, but luckily, they have not used any of the drugs. It’s unclear at this time just how many patients in North Texas were injected with the tainted drug.

“Patients have a personal and legal expectation that the drugs they are given by a clinic and provided by the manufacturer are safe,” says Rasansky. “Our firm has years of experience representing patients who have been injured, or worse, by these types of dangerous drugs. I would encourage anybody who has been affected by this outbreak to contact us immediately. No patient should become a victim.”

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