Defective Guns & Firearms

Defective Guns & Firearms

Liability for a Defective Gun

When you buy a gun, you expect it to operate safely as any potential firearm defect could result in serious injury or death.

A gun is composed of many parts which work together to expel a bullet out the muzzle at a high velocity. These parts should be manufactured using very high standards to ensure they work flawlessly. The trigger should give way with a moderate amount of resistance, and safety locks should remain firmly in place to prevent an unintentional discharge.

It’s said that we lose one person a day to unintentional firearm discharge. How many of these fatalities were due to a firearm defect versus human error?

Common Firearm Defects

  1. Defective chamber indicator malfunction
  2. Oversensitive trigger
  3. Trigger safety failure
  4. Faulty bolt action
  5. Failure to eject shells in a proper manner
  6. Hammer follow malfunction
  7. Ammo case head disintegration
  8. Dropped gun inertia discharges (drop fire)

Stories in the News

Over the last several years, certain models of firearms have made the news over and over again due to claims of unintentional discharges or other safety defects. Some of these include:

  • Taurus PT handguns
  • Glock pistols
  • Lorcin pistols
  • Remington 700 Bolt-Action Rifles
  • Old Model Single Action Revolver by Strum, Ruger & Company
  • Saturday Night Special by Excam Deringer

There are currently several product liability lawsuits pending against firearm manufacturers, and a few have already settled multi-million dollar class actions.

Injured by a Defective Gun?

If injured by a defective or faulty gun, you could be eligible to sue the manufacturer (under product liability law) in order to recover compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Gun manufacturers are bound by the law to manufacture arms that are free of safety defects. Should they breach this condition, you may be able to hold them legally liable for any related damages. For more information, call 1-877-659-2580.

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If you've been injured by a defective, faulty or unsafe product, speak with a Texas Product Liability Lawyer and learn what options are available to you for no cost by calling 1-877-659-2580.