Volkswagen ID.4 EV Recall Affects 35,325

Volkswagen ID.4 EV Recall Affects 35,325

Volkswagen ID.4 EV Recall

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Recently, Volkswagen issued a recall for their ID.4 electric vehicles due to a potential software glitch that could cause the car to stall while in motion. This recall affects approximately 35,325 vehicles in the United States. Owners of the affected vehicles are advised to take their car to a Volkswagen dealership to have the software updated.

The Importance of Addressing Recalls

Recalls are an important part of ensuring the safety of vehicle owners and others on the road. It is crucial that car manufacturers take prompt action to address any potential safety issues that may arise. As a car owner, it is important to stay informed about any recalls that may affect your vehicle and to take action promptly to have the issue addressed.

How to Check for Recalls

To check if your Volkswagen ID.4 EV is affected by the recall, you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website and enter your vehicle identification number (VIN). You can also contact your local Volkswagen dealership for more information.

What to Do if Your Vehicle is Affected

If your vehicle is affected by the recall, it is important to take prompt action to have the issue addressed. Contact your local Volkswagen dealership to schedule an appointment to have the software updated. Volkswagen will cover the cost of the software update and any associated repairs.

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