Medical Spas Are Not Always Safe

Medical Spas Are Not Always Safe

Injured at a Medical Spa?

Med spas have become increasingly popular in recent years. They promote health, relaxation and a general sense of wellness. No one expects to come out of a med spa experience in worse health than when they went in, but it does happen.

Medical spas not only treat patients with the usual range of relaxation techniques and atmosphere, they also include medical procedures to enhance the spa goer’s physical looks as well.

The range of treatment varies from place to place, but often includes things such as Botox and facial fillers, laser treatment for vein and hair removal, aggressive chemical peels, microdermabrasion, photofacials and other medical facial treatments. The idea is to give the consumer an experience that has them leaving the spa looking and feeling their best. It all sounds very rejuvenating, but you must also be aware of the risks.

Risks Associated with Med Spas

Unfortunately, some medical services being offered in these establishments are being performed by workers who are not licensed to carry them out. The procedures mentioned above are usually only permitted to be carried out by qualified and licensed medical professionals (or at least supervised by them – the rules vary from state to state).

These establishments tend to get away with this system because they have a doctor onsite, which makes it unclear to governing bodies who is performing the procedures. Spa patrons are also unaware that the people doing the procedure are unlicensed, until something goes wrong.

For anyone considering going to a med spa, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing one.

Asking who will perform the medical procedures—and if there will at least be a doctor overseeing treatments—is an important first step. Also, a good location should have emergency care accessible when performing risky procedures like Botox injections. Do not just take the spa’s word for it; investigate credentials and other consumers’ experiences at the location.

If you’re not satisfied with how the facility responds to your questions, address them with the company’s corporate offices. Most importantly, if something does not feel right, even if a treatment has already been set up, abandon ship. Even if it upsets the staff or causes some embarrassment, it is far better than risking one’s health.

Many med spas have qualified medical professionals performing their services, but it is important to investigate and ask questions ahead of time to avoid an unfortunate circumstance. If you have been injured at a med spa that you believe was performing illegal procedures, you may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney in your area about your potential legal options.

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