Recognizing Unsafe Industrial Products Vital for Workers at Small Firms

Recognizing Unsafe Industrial Products Vital for Workers at Small Firms


You’re probably well aware that industrial accidents oftentimes occur because of unsafe products. In this sense, unsafe industrial products include equipment that is used in manufacturing or other processes. If you work at a small firm, understand that they may not be subject to the same types of inspections that larger firms regularly go through. While they are liable if you are injured due to products that are unsafe and that you’re expected to use, knowing when to recognize unsafe industrial products is vital to keeping yourself healthy and alive.

Lack of Guards

If you have saws or other dangerous equipment in your workplace that is unguarded, you’re looking at an accident waiting to happen. There are very strict requirements for having guards on industrial products to ensure that the workers using them are as safe as possible. Understand that some of these pieces of equipment are never truly safe. For instance, a chainsaw is never safe. It can be, however, brought up to a reasonable degree of safety by putting an automatic shutoff device on it and by giving workers chain stopping pants and visors that can minimize the risk of injury.

Lock Out Tag Out

Lock out tag out refers to a procedure used in industrial settings wherein somebody working in or on a dangerous piece of equipment locks down the switches for that piece of equipment and tags it as being worked on. The only person who has a key to the lock is the person who put it on there, which prevents accidental instances of firing up the equipment. If you are asked to work in or on a machine and do not have a proper lock out tag out procedure in place, you’re being asked to unnecessarily risk your life and limb for a paycheck.

Fall Protection

If you do not have proper fall protection equipment and training, do not ascend to dangerous heights. Under certain circumstances, your employer is required to protect you by providing you with fall equipment that can arrest your fault in an instance where you lose your footing or your grip.

No employer has the right to ask you to unreasonably risk your life. Some jobs are inherently dangerous, but safety procedures need to be in place to minimize that risk. If you are injured or if you lose a loved one due to an unsafe industrial product or situation, contact an Unsafe Industrial Products Attorney.