Odwalla Beverages Recalled Due to Allergy Hazard

Odwalla Beverages Recalled Due to Allergy Hazard


Odwalla, manufacturer of a popular line of health who drinks, recalled some of its products in April of 2012 due to an allergy alert. People who reported having allergies to peanuts or tree nuts reported having reactions to the Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster drinks from this manufacturer. The drink does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts, nor does the factory in which it was produced manufacture any food products with these ingredients, according to an article in Food Safety News.

Allergic Reactions

Odwalla decided to act proactively and to remove the implicated products from the market right away. The idea is to prevent customers from having reactions to these drinks, even though they are not known to contain any of the allergens to which those same customers reported having hypersensitivity. The effective beverages are sold in 12 and 32 ounce plastic packaging. They carry the names “Chocolate Protein Soy and Dairy Protein Shake” and “Protein Monster”, according to the report. Any of these products with an “enjoy-by” date before May 23, 2012 is affected by the recall, according to the article.


Odwalla has nationwide distribution, so you could have conceivably picked up one of these beverages anywhere in Texas or anywhere else. If you have a hypersensitivity to peanuts or tree nuts, you can bring the bottle back to the retailer and receive a full refund on your purchase.

Dangerous Beverages

Sometimes, recalled beverages are recalled specifically because of the threat of allergic reactions and sometimes they are recalled for other reasons. Generally speaking, most food recalls involve solid foods but, in some cases, beverages are at issue. Odwalla is doing what companies should do: recall a product that has proven to have posed a danger to some of their customers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always done in time.

If you have been injured because a product that you consumed contained allergens that were not noted on the label, contact an attorney. A product liability attorney may be able to help you. In some cases, filing a lawsuit is a viable way for you to get compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other issues that you may have suffered because of consuming a drink that was not labeled as being potentially dangerous to people with certain sensitivities. There are limitations, so the best option is always to contact an attorney as soon as possible.