E. Coli Prompts Lettuce Recall

E. Coli Prompts Lettuce Recall


In August of this year, a California company decided to recall romaine lettuce that was shipped to Canada, Puerto Rico and 19 US states, according to CBS news. The reason behind the recall was the possibility of contamination with E. coli.

E. coli is a bacterium that you have in your intestines right now. In fact, you’ll find this in the lower intestines of just about any warm-blooded animal. E. coli, however, can become deadly under certain circumstances. Particular serotypes of this bacterium can result in food poisoning symptoms in human beings. These symptoms can be deadly, in some cases. If you are a victim of E. Coli poisoning contact an unsafe food product lawyer today.

What Makes it Deadly?

If you’ve ever contracted food poisoning, you need no explanation as to why it can be deadly. The first symptoms that people generally experience are nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Essentially, your body attempts to purge every bit of food in it and, in the process, it also purges all of the water in your body. Combine this with a fever, and inability to even hold water down and a weakened immune system and you have a deadly situation on your hands.

The people most at risk of dying from E. coli poisoning are those who have immune systems that are weakened by diseases or disorders, people who are of advanced ages and people who are very young. People in this risk group must always be brought to a hospital if they exhibit signs of food poisoning. Food poisoning is hardly ever minor. If you have it, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be well aware of it. The hospital also needs to know where you got the food so that they can prevent anyone else from being injured by it.

Like any other entity, a company that puts food out onto the market is responsible for the safety of it. If you have been infected by food borne E. coli, you should contact a physician first and a lawyer second.

Food poisoning is nothing to take lightly. If you have it, there’s a good chance that somebody else is at risk of getting it or that they already have it, as well. When food producers are negligent, the effects can be incredibly devastating. On a personal level, the damage from food poisoning can include medical bills, lost time at work, a great deal of pain and suffering and even wrongful death. Contact an attorney if you have been poisoned by E. coli in food.