2013 YAZ Settlement Projections

2013 YAZ Settlement Projections


At present, Bayer has only indicated that it is willing to settle certain blood clot injury cases. Yet over 100 million women throughout the country have been prescribed the Yaz and Yasmin drugs, and with Yaz and Yasmin not only ranking as the second highest drug leading to complications reported to the FDA in 2011, but also remaining one of the most popular birth control remedies on the market, the potential for additional claims is nothing short of astounding.

According to the company’s year-end 2012 disclosure, it now faces approximately 13,600 Bayer informed its shareholders that it will continue to settle as many of these cases as is practical, and while time is running short for claimants to initiate new lawsuits for consolidation into the MDL, the prospects look bright for those that do. More importantly, Yaz side effects claimants excluding claims that have already been settled. The company also disclosed that 4,800 additional claims involving blood clot injuries like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism have settled, which cost the company approximately $1 billion in total. To put this in perspective, Bayer reported annual 2012 revenues totaling $52 billion, leaving the $1 billion spent so far for litigation expenses as a substantial but ultimately manageable expense for the German pharmaceutical AG.GERMANY: Bayer’s net income declines 1% to US$3.19bn in 2012 just-auto global news March 5, 2013 Tuesday 6:28 AM GMT.