Unsafe Toys to Avoid Buying for Christmas in 2016

Unsafe Toys to Avoid Buying for Christmas in 2016

Toys to Avoid Buying for Christmas 2016

As we approach the 2016 Christmas buying season, various news outlets are posting their picks for the worst (unsafe) toys of this year’s holiday season. Today, we’ve done the same, but also included a few other toys and children’s products recalled this year for safety concerns.

We’re not linking out to the products from this page as we do not want to promote them, but we feel it’s important to spread awareness in order to prevent children from being exposed to unnecessary danger:

  1. Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddles Family: Presents a possible choking hazard, and there are inconsistent age warnings among the boxes.
  2. Kids Time Baby Children’s Pillow: There are no warnings on the package, but there have apparently been similar toys recalled because of the potential for infants to suffocate.
  3. Slimeball Slinger: The slinger could cause injuries to the eyes.
  4. Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers: According to the box. the toy is intended for children over the age of 4 and has a picture of children not wearing protective gear. However, the warning on the box recommends protective gear and even warns of serious death or injury.
  5. Nerf Rival Apollo Xv-700 Blaster: There are no warnings listed on the box, and no protective gear is included. The primary concern for this toy is eye injury.
  6. The Good Dinosaur Galloping Butch: Although the label warns against choking hazards, the organization, World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) says there is a sharp tail that could lead to puncture wounds especially in the facial area.
  7. Peppy Pups: Although there are no safety warnings, the box does state that adult supervision is required. W.A.T.C.H. warns that the 31″ cord is longer than the standard 12” and could causes a child to strangle.
  8. Flying Heroes Superman Launcher: This toy is recommended for children ages 4 and colder and could possible result in injuries to the eyes and face.
  9. Baby Magic Feed and Play Baby: Although this toy is indicated for children 2 and over, there are parts that could cause choking or lead to ingestion.
  10. Warcraft Doomhammer: This particular toy is in the shape of a big hammer, and even though the packages warn against choking hazards because of the packaging, W.A.T.C.H. warns of injuries from blunt impacts.

In addition, the following toys and children’s products were recalled during 2016 due to various safety concerns:

  1. LATTJO Tongue drums and LATTJO Drumstick sets: Recalled on January 14, 2016 because the rubber ball on the drumsticks is able to detach or be unscrewed which can cause a choking hazard.
  2. Chillafish Children’s Bikes Company: Recalled on January 21, 2016 because if the tires are overinflated, the plastic wheel rims can crack and send pieces flying which could cause lacerations to consumers.
  3. Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Decorative Baby Rattles: Recalled on February 4, 2016 because the ball bearings on each side of the rattle can fall out and be a potential choking hazard to young children.
  4. Remote Control Toy Excavator and Remote Control Shovel Loader: Recalled on February 4, 2016 because the remote control unit on the truck can short circuit and cause it to overheat and present fire and burn hazards.
  5. Green Tones Monkey Glockenspiel: Recalled on February 4, 2016 due to the possibility the pink metal note bar on the glockenspiel may contain an excessive level of lead in the paint.
  6. Busy Loops Table Top Toys: Recalled on March 31, 2016 because the round beans can break which could cause a child to choke.
  7. Children’s Lattio Bat Cape Costumes: Recalled April 7, 2016 because the hood and loop fastener located at the neck of the cape may fail to detach during use leading to the possibility of strangulation.
  8. Moogy Plush Toys: Recalled April 15, 2016 because the left pocket and snap button on the right pocket of the toy can detach and possible cause a young child to choke.
  9. Wooden Twist & Lock Blocks and Giraffes: Recalled April 19, 2016 because part of the wooden toys may become detached and possibly result in a choking hazard.
  10. Little Wishes Chenille Stuff Rattles: Recalled May 12, 2016 because the seams of the rattle have the ability to separate which exposes the fiber stuffing and bell rattle, an action that can lead to choking.
  11. Little Wishes Summer Plush Pacifier Holders: Recalled May 12, 2016 because the fin of the whale and head of the octopus are able to detach from the pacifier holder and cause a choking hazard.
  12. Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Bicycle Helmets: Recalled May 17, 2016 because the magnetic buckle on the chin strap of the helmet contains small covers and magnets that can become dislodged and cause the possibility of chocking and ingestion of magnets.
  13. Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations: Recalled June 2, 2016 because the Slider Bracelet in the kit contains a high level of lead which can be toxic if ingested by young children.
  14. Far East Brokers Chairs and Swings: Recalled June 9, 2016 because the screen-printing on the fabric has high levels of lead.
  15. Aero Spin and Aero Cruz Sky Rover:  Recalled June 10, 2016 because the USB charging cords can overheat.
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