Swing Set Recall for Troxel

Swing Set Recall for Troxel


Troxel has recalled its Flexible Flyer Swing Sets due to a fall hazard presented by the device. The affected units were sold across the US and Canada. The affected models include numbers 41575, 41577, 41578, 42003, 42013, 42023, 42030, 42124, 42126, 42544, and 42560. The swing sets were sold at large retailers, including Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us. They were on sale from December of 2011 through May of 2012 and they generally retailed for between $130 and $280, according to the recall notice.

Because there is a flaw in one of the seats on the seesaw that can cause it to break during use, there is a significant fall hazard. In total, there are 1,232 reports of the seat breaking and 13 children were injured. The injuries from these dangerous children’s toys included lacerations, bumps and bruises, according to the release notice.

If you happen to have purchased one of these products, you can get more information by calling the manufacturer at 1-888-770-7060 to determine how to get a repair kit sent to you.

Consumers are advised to stop using this product immediately because of the significant risk of a fall. There were 11 different models in total, so be sure to check your swing set to see if it is one of the affected types. The model number sticker is found underneath the center of the top bar on your swing set. If you cannot find the model number, the affected model names include: Big Adventure, Fun Fantastic, Fun Fantastic II, Backyard Flyer, Backyard Fun, Backyard Swingin’ Fun, Windsor II, Fun Time, Fantastic Playground, Triple Fun and Triple Fun II.

If Your Child Was Injured

If you were using one of these products as a playground for your children and your child was injured, you should contact an attorney about filing a defective product lawsuit. These lawsuits are filed when a product is defective in how it is advertised, how it is manufactured or in how it is designed. Design or manufacturing flaws that result in products breaking in a way that causes people to come to harm are frequent reasons that people go ahead and file lawsuits.

Remember that there’s no guarantee that you’ll win one of these claims and that you have to meet with an attorney to figure out whether or not it’s even worth it for you to go ahead with the lawsuit. If you have any recalled product that caused you harm, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney.